Vastu Tips To Set Up A Living Room

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Vastu Tips To Set Up A Living Room

Vastu, the ancient art that is widely followed in the world of architecture, specifies the manner in particular parts of housing units must be constructed. In this article, we talk about how to build a Vastu-compliant living room.


If your house faces the north or the south direction, the living room must be constructed in the northeast direction. In a west-facing house, the right direction for building the living room is the northwest side while the southeast direction is considered apt for a south-facing unit.


There are various things that we place in the living room and each of these things has to be kept in a certain way to ensure better flow of energy in the area.

  • The telephone should be kept in the southwest direction.
  • Electrical appliances such as the cooler or the air-conditioner are best placed in the west or the north corner of the room. The south-east corner is perfect for setting up the television.
  • Articles of furniture have to be placed in the south or west corners of the room. According to Vastu, the ideal shape of articles of furniture is square and rectangular.
  • North and east areas of the room are apt to place aquariums and paintings depicting water bodies.
  • The chandelier should not be placed right at the centre. It would be more appropriate to keep it towards the west.
  • The entry door and windows should be in the east or the north direction.

Colour scheme:

The colour scheme for the living room has to be decided depending on its direction and the ruling planet of that direction. For instance, white should be the choice for a room set in the east direction, which is ruled by the Sun. However, if the room is located in the west, a direction ruled by Saturn, blue is your colour. Otherwise, light shades of yellow and green are the ideal choices for the living room. Vastu experts say red and black should be avoided in the living room.


Vastu specifies the direction facing which the members of the family should place themselves when they are in the living room. The head of the family and their spouse, for instance, is advised to sit in the southwestern corner of the living are, facing the northeast or the east. Guests should be made to sit in the southeast and the northwest direction, facing the west or the south direction.

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