Vastu Tips To Help Your Child Focus Better

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Vastu Tips To Help Your Child Focus Better

Vastu is a critical when moving into a new home. This is especially true if you have students in the house. The age-old practice of Vastu can help you improve the energy flow in your house and improve concentration.

We share some quick tips to design the study room that will help your child focus better:

  • Direction: In Vastu Shastra, directions play an important role in deciding what kind of energy flows into the house/room. The directions that are favorable for students are northeast, north or east. A study room in this direction increases knowledge and enhances grasping power. It is recommended to keep the room door in these directions as well. The experts also recommend having bigger windows on the east wall and smaller ones on the western one.
  • Placing the study table: Vastu experts suggest that for optimum results the child should face towards North or East while studying. Placing the study table in a way to enable this is a good idea. Sticking the table to the wall is said to block ideas. Free space in front of the table will help the flow of ideas instead. On the other hand, a wall at the student’s back will make them feel they are supported.
  • Study table details: It is recommended to have a square or rectangle shaped study table. The size of the table should be suitable – not too big or small – with the side proportions not more than 1:2 ratio. The study table should also be as de-cluttered as possible.

vastu for child study

  • Space for books: Use south or west wall for placing the bookshelf. Do note that the shelf should not be placed above the study table as it creates more stress for the student. If you are using cabinets for books you can place them on east, north-east or north. The centre of the study room should be kept empty.
  • Special items: Place a pyramid on or near the study table can help balance the energy and increase memory power or a pendulum watch on the north wall. Table lamps, if any, should be kept in the table’s southeastern corner. If there is a computer in the study room it should be kept in the south-east of the room.

Things to avoid

  • Choosing a room below a toilet as the study room. Some experts also suggest that one should avoid having a toilet in the study room at all. However, bathrooms are considered all right.
  • Situations where a beam runs above the head of the student while studying.
  • Using dark colours in the study room. A lighter or neutral palette is conducive to learning.
  • Dim lights should be avoided in the study room rather have natural sunlight entering the room is good for the student.
  • Experts advise against keeping a bed or television in the study room.


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