Twelve Interior Design Ideas for a Combined Living and Dining Room

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Twelve Interior Design Ideas for a Combined Living and Dining Room

So your living room and dining hall share a space, and you’re wondering how you can give it a chic yet homely feel. The dreamy setting of a dinner scene you saw in a movie or a lovely living room décor you detected in the background of a Home and Design magazine ad – whatever made you crave for it, a charming shared space isn’t difficult to achieve!

Here are 12 ideas you can choose from for the perfect interior design for living room and dining room combined!

1) The French Look

dining room

You could choose to give your living and dining areas a French look, with wooden rafters, light hued decor, a long wooden family table and matching chairs arranged in a row. Conjure up a pretty space using monochromatic colours in both the living room and dining space so they blend well with each other.

This gives off an air of sophistication and elegance while being an easy process to accomplish at the same time.

2) A Space of White


One of those interior design ideas that never go wrong: go all white in your living room and dining area, and see if it does not make you wonder if the space has miraculously expanded in size! A simple white-painted table, white wrought-iron chairs, white kitchen cabinets, white walls and white window frames, with a dab of a dark colours in places, can help you achieve this look.

You could opt for different shades of white for these items, or choose the same hue.

3) Rustic Chic

chair and table

Get the living room and dining space walls painted in a pale, pastel shade. Go for wooden paneling or stone work on the walls. Buy a nice, smooth wooden table with no embellishments and matching chairs. Cover the table with a chequered cloth, if you must, and make your home flaunt one of the best home decor ideas.

You will marvel at the cozy, warm feel this room will give off, that is for sure!

4) Create Perfect Lighting

wooden light

If you love the idea of playing with lights, this look is for you. When dinner is the meal mostly spent with the family together, bring in some interesting lighting options that look great with the decor of both your living room and dining area – hang a few bulbs, maybe a chandelier or two, or a couple of artsy lampshades.

Plan this in a way that when your living room area is lit, your dining table doesn’t seem too conspicuous.

5) A Modern Space for the Modern Family

kitchen eating

Take one of the best interior design ideas for living rooms a step further and include it in the dining area as well. Get comfortable but modish furniture for your living and dining areas, in a colour that matches the walls. You may or may not go for a table cloth. Install kitchen cabinets in matching hues, with a modern, metallic finish.

Voila! Your dining area becomes a hip and happening place, perfect for entertaining friends and family frequently.

6) Open to the Outdoors


To add an illusion of space when when you have your living room and dining room combined, set up one or more skylights or floor-to-ceiling glass windows in your living and dining areas, especially above the dining table. This will ensure an abundance of natural light in the room. Plus, what is not to love about having lunch/dinner gazing at the open sky or the world going by outside?

7) Offbeat Colours

living room

Do away with the standard dining room designs and choose an offbeat colour for your combined living room and dining space walls – teal or aqua or lilac or, maybe, a pink. Use different shades of the same colour for your dining table, chairs, cabinets and other accessories.

Your unique dining room will surely be the talk of the town!

8) Divide with a Curtain

dining room 1

Bring a veil between the living room and dining hall spaces and separate the area without bringing in a crowded feeling. You could even use a wooden frame to make the division seem less willowy. Whether it’s a lacy vintage curtain or a printed drape to match the existing decor, your independent yet connected living/dining space is ready!

9) Bring in Some Spring Freshness


i. A polished wooden table covered with a clean cloth, and cushioned chairs made of dark wood.

ii. A light, flowing curtain for the window next to the dining table and a fat, little vase on the table filled with the flowers of the season.

iii. Wooden cabinets with a smooth finish and a wall colour that matches your decor.

These are all items of ornamentation that will keep your dining room from looking like it’s a space dedicated to just food, hence blending with the living room well!

10) Let the Carpet Speak

living room 2

Do up your living room and dining area floors so they do all the talking. Add little pops of design and colour to the area and there’s an easier recognition of the individuality of each dedicated space. These little touches will also brighten up your home to make it a cheerful space!

When you lack the opportunity to do some major changes to the settings, give this simple style a try.

11) A Royal Reminiscence

dining room 2

Choose a dark-coloured wooden table with pretty engravings on it, and chairs to match. Use thick curtains for the living room and dining area windows, in rich and sophisticated shades. Get kitchen cabinets with designs embellished on them, too. Tall, iron candle-stands and copper serve-ware greatly complement the look of such a room.

Tell us if you don’t feel like royalty while dining in such a space!

12) Decorate the Walls

wall paper

Use graphic wallpaper or colourful art to cover one of the walls in your dining area, and see the way this little thing changes the look of an otherwise formal living room space!

Do you like these ideas? Do you have any more ideas to do up your living and dining areas? Tell us – we’d love to know!


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