Tips To Safeguard You Home from Monsoon Issues

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Tips To Safeguard You Home from Monsoon Issues

Monsoon has now hit the southern coast of India, slowly moving towards the rest of the country. However, as great it is to watch the rain as you sip your cup of tea at home, the weather also greatly impacts our home with dampness. So, while you enjoy pitter patter use these tips to make your home monsoon-ready.

On The Floor

When people drenched in rains come home, their wet and muddy footwear can make the floor dirty. To keep your indoors clean, place a large coir mat at the entry door. This will allow the entrant to clean up their footwear and then enter the premises.

Just Hang Out

If you do not have them already, fix your main entrance with hooks to hang rain coats and place an umbrella stand right beside it for guests as well as family members to place their belongings before their enter.

Drape It Light

Take out those dark drapes on the windows which served you better during the summers. Replace them with light-coloured window drapes or even choose organza to let some light in, otherwise your home will turn into a dull space as the dark clouds hover in the sky. It will also keep you away from the beautiful outdoor view. Choose material that can dry easily as rains lash and tend to make fabrics wet.

Take It Light

Add more lights to the home as the natural sunlight that was available during the summer will go down. Replace coloured lights with white or neutral ones.

Brighten It Up

If your furniture and upholstery are in dull colors, it is time to brighten them up. After a long day passing watery and foggy roads, you would want to come home to a cozy, yet bright home. Add a few extra cushions in reds, greens and pastels.

Make Some Room

You will need extra clotheslines to fix in the hallways or other areas within your home as it rains outside. It will take more than the usual time for the clothes days for clothes to dry and this is the only way to stop your chairs and other areas of the home from becoming makeshift cloth-drying areas.

Keep It Dry

Ensure that there are dry areas in the home. You could create these by covering a few chairs with aesthetic plastic covers. These chairs might come in handy when dripping wet folks walk in, allowing you to be hospitable to them without worrying about ruining your furniture. If this is not possible, keep a few plastic chairs or stools handy.

Smells Good

The smell of first rain on the sand is a wonderful feeling. This, however, does not last through the entire season. Monsoons bring in guttural smells of dirt and grime as well. To counter this, light up a few scented candles in the drawing room. It might also add the much needed brightness to the room.

Store Them Well

Ensure that your books, papers and periodicals are stored in a dry place and as far as possible from the main entrance and the umbrella stand. If not, cover them properly with plastic. Also save the locks and other iron utilities in dry areas and not expose them to water.

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