Should I live in an apartment, house or gated community in India?

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Should I live in an apartment, house or gated community in India?

Settling down in India comes with many decisions. The decision of “where to live?” is only one of them, but it is the most significant one! While having made the decision to settle in India, you must understand the types of accommodation you have to choose from, be it flats and apartments, houses or a gated community? You must understand which accommodation type suits you and your family the best to make the right decision.

Flats and Apartments

You might think that living in the city center predictably means living in a huge apartment complex, but there are some beautiful options available with just 3 or 4 neighbors, which can create a suitable sense of community without the hassles of being in a larger one.

Why you should consider this accommodation type:

  • Secure – no need to worry about hiring a security guard just for your house, and it is cheaper too, as they will work in shifts. Some complexes even have intercom systems to check for visitors
  • Tightly-knit neighborhood, that can take care of your pets and house while you’re away
  • In smaller complexes with amenities you have the advantage of fewer users, so obviously cleaner amenities
  • Big apartment complexes often have organised activities and lots of children, so if you’re a family you will find loads of friends quickly

Why you shouldn’t consider this accommodation type:

  • The bigger the complex the greater the noise
  • Power and water shortages (rarely but instances do occur)
  • More neighbors can mean less privacy

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Individual Houses:

Having your own little house can be a treat for the mind. More space, a little garden, and only seeing your neighbors when you want to. But the hassles are a bit bothersome too.

Why you should consider this accommodation type:

  • You can find some unbelievably well designed houses that make the most of every single piece of space
  • You will have your own terrace or selection of balconies to choose from
  • If you’re going to be doing a lot of entertaining, a self-contained house offers up much more space and freedom
  • Why you shouldn’t consider this accommodation type:
  • Security can be a problem
  • You will most likely have to hire more household help if your house is very large
  • Problems with power and water are up to you individually to sort out rather than relying on a community or in-house maintenance to take care of the problem

Gated Communities:

Gated communities are very popular with families, as you can let your children ride their bikes or push them in their prams without worrying too much about traffic. Being a little further outside the city might be ideal if you find the dust and bustle of the city a little too much to handle, but be prepared for a long commute!

Why you should consider this accommodation type:

  • Your children can run around outside without any worries
  • Clean and well-maintained outside spaces
  • Great sense of community spirit with forums and activities made easily accessible
  • Cheaper rentals compared to the center
  • Why you shouldn’t consider this accommodation type:
  • You may need to pay a premium for staff
  • Not many amenities being shared by a lot of people can lead to queues for the gym or pool
  • Living out in the less urban areas can mean having to travel far for meeting friends and having a social life

Should I live in an apartment, house or gated community in India?



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