Save space in your studio apartment with this bed

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Save space in your studio apartment with this bed

The dream of staying in a spacious mansion might just remain one. If you are one of those who wants his/her space but cannot afford a big independent house, then condos or studio apartments might be best suited for you. The space will be tiny so you will have to go in for furniture that suits your space.

If you are one of those who loves sleeping in cozy areas, a loft bed is the ideal piece of furniture for you. Since normal beds are one of the most space consuming furniture, it’s only natural to replace it with something else that gives your more space. And this is where loft beds come in as they not only give you plenty of space but also create room for other furniture to be placed below it. Although finding a studio apartment with a built-in loft might be difficult, you could always create one and get a professional to build it for you. Those spaces work well to create a walk in closet beneath the loft or even a home office.


Take full advantage of the space below by converting it into something that you will use often. The space works perfectly for a teeny tiny office space that compromises of a chair and a table. Or convert it into a room that doubles up as a living room, but take care of the seating arrangement. Tuck your sofa away towards the corner of the loft and you have the remaining space to yourself. Spruce it up by placing low lying tables. If you don’t want your guest to notice the loft, hide it by placing a statement drape! If you have many guests staying at your place, choose a twin loft bed that doubles up as a seater or storage.

Compared to a normal queen or a king size bed – loft beds are much cheaper. And because most of the bottom section doubles up as a seating area you save money as well.

Although there are several advantages to having a loft bed, there are a fair share of disadvantages as well. Several cases have been registered in the recent past related to loft bed injuries. But if you are just be a wee bit careful this could be averted. One chore that might deter you is the difficulty faced while changing sheets. Because the space is so compact, tidying the bed could become a daunting task.

While loft beds don’t seem to be an obvious choice, they not only help you organize your space better but they also create a compact cozy space for you to catch up on your much needed sleep. And if you are on a shoe string budget a loft bed will save a lot of your hard earned money!


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