Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Sell Your Home Faster

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Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Sell Your Home Faster

Selling your house can be as confusing and tedious as buying one, and first time sellers typically make some common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to sell your home faster and get the best deal.

  1. Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent
  2. Choosing the Wrong Realtor
  3. Neglecting Minor Defects That Need to be Fixed Pronto
  4. Saying No to Marketing
  5. Unrealistic Expectations
  6. Selling at the Wrong Season
  7. Not Appearing Welcoming to Potential Buyers
  8. Forgetting to Talk About the Neighborhood’s Pluses

1) Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

This is the most important because it minimises your troubles and halves your work. Most home sellers avoid hiring real estate agents because of the commission involved, but this is a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision because they end up spending more time and money on acquiring a great deal themselves.

Real estate companies are also helpful because they are well aware of taxes, duties and market prices. Their vast experience is bound to help you with decisions, get you to reach the right people who may end up buying your house, and maybe even get you a better price than you first realized was possible!

2) Choosing the Wrong Realtor

With a good real estate broker, you won’t have to worry about people constantly visiting the house and being a disturbance because the broker will take care of all meetings. Many sellers go for cheaper realtors and spend more with haggling and illegal ways; it’s good to research the background and understand the experience of your realtor.

3) Neglecting Minor Defects That Need to be Fixed Pronto

Many home sellers put their house on the market with tiny defects and problems. Ask a real estate agent and they will tell you that it’s best if you put forward a good deal, and this includes fixing pipes, repainting any corners etc.

4) Saying No to Marketing

When you’re selling your house, knowing the market is quite essential because your price is what the market wants it to be. Sellers ignore marketing and most of them avoid it. Putting flats for sale can be emotional for the seller, but the key is to make it emotional for the buyer as well. Market your house as a dream dream, like a value rather than a transaction.

When you sell your house online, just a picture with white walls won’t do. Redecorate the space, put in some bright lights and market it for the joy and lifestyle that comes with it, because often, couples and families are looking to buy homes for similar reasons. Write a few cordial lines about what’s impressive about your space.

5) Unrealistic Expectations

Sellers can often be very unrealistic about what they want, because they have owned the home and attached certain values to it. It is important to look at real estate listings and consult real estate agents to understand the actual value of the house in the market. Sellers can also be very choosy about the buyer and often want to delve into the family history before selling the house. It is good to remember that choosing the buyer with the best offer is more important than anything else and sometimes your broker knows best.

6) Selling at the Wrong Season

So many sellers regret their sale right after because they realise they have lost a great price because of an impulsive decision. We are stressing on the importance of seasonal selling because the real estate market is constantly fluctuating and it is imperative that sellers understand the economy, because a falling economy will see a fall in prices while a booming economy in accordance with a festive season is a great time to make a sale.

7) Not Appearing Welcoming to Potential Buyers

This is one of the most common errors that real estate brokers attribute to bad sales. The majority of the sellers want to make a sale without having shown the house to a prospective buyer or being choosy about the rooms they visit.

In some cases sellers begin the hunt for a buyer while still living in the house. They should ensure that all parts of the home are available to view at all times, because upsetting a buyer by making them feel distant from their potential home is a bad idea. The number one tip here would be to renovate the house and get it ready for sale before putting up advertisements on real estate listings.

8) Forgetting to Talk About the Neighbourhood’s Pluses

With mini-city styled apartments and homes becoming the trend in the country, it is important to sell the neighbourhood rather than just the house. Home sellers often talk about the house and the rooms, furnishings etc., but forget the neighbourhood that comes with it.

Sellers should be aware of supermarkets, schools, hospitals and malls nearby to add utility to the house. Understand the buyer and their needs and make sure to include these factors during the discussion. In apartments, buyers often want to understand maintenance policies, so make sure this is clear before financial transactions.


Don’t get impatient while selling your home! While sometimes you can get the best deal within a few days, sometimes it takes months. Make smart choices and wise decisions and your sale will make you happier than you thought it could.


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