Important Vaastu Tips to consider before Buying a Home

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Important Vaastu Tips to consider before Buying a Home

Vaastu is one of the oldest practices of home owning in India and a lot of it is based on scientific facts, even though we fail to recognize them often. The principles of Vaastu are based on the fact that the planet sustains like as it has water, air, space and fire that exist in harmony together. If one of these elements starts dominating over the others, then it would lead to discord and strife. Houses which do not comply with Vaastu principles often become centres of feuds and failure. Therefore, the tenets of Vaastu suggest that you can improve your life by building upon its principles which aim to bring together the harmony of natural forces for success and happiness.

Here are 5 most important Vaastu tips that should be followed when you buy a house.


It is important that a Bhoomi Pooja is performed before the beginning of construction on a property. Bhoomi Puja thanks Goddess Earth for providing us with shelter and ask for her blessings for a successful, prosperous, healthy and happy life. It heralds a good start to the construction and subsequent smooth proceedings.

House Entrance

The entrance of a house should always be in the east as it is considered to be most auspicious. The sun rises in the east and it is said to infuse the house with light and positive energy. Another direction which is acceptable for the placement of the main entrance is the North East as it also considered auspicious.

Location of the Kitchen

The southeast part of the house is considered to be the best location for placing the kitchen in the house. Cooking has always been an activity which is considered best performed facing the east. However, you should bear in mind that your kitchen must not be directly in front of your house’s main door.


Master Bedroom

A master bedroom must be placed in the southwest corner of the east facing home. If you can follow points 2 and 3, then you can be sure about sleeping in peacefully without having to bear the sound of cooking or its aroma wake you up. A bedroom which is rectangular or square in shape is always recommended. You can always bring in modern architecture to other rooms of the house.

Location of the Washroom

The washroom’s location is an important aspect, from the point of view of the health and hygiene of residents, aesthetics and Vaastu. Washrooms must always be located in a building’s North West corner or in North West corners of rooms in the house. If you cannot get the restrooms made in the North West direction, then consider having them in the southeast direction. It has also been recommended that the kitchen, restrooms and Puja room in the house should not be one beside the other. Not only is it recommended from the point of view of Vaastu, but also from the point of visual aesthetics.

There are quite a few other conditions that you must adhere to for getting a perfect Vaastu compliant apartment. However, in today’s times, it is a bit difficult to match all the requirements of Vaastu to the house you have selected. Nevertheless, you should try to follow the above mentioned tips of Vaastu for prosperity and happiness.

Important Vaastu Tips to consider before Buying a Home



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