A home buyer’s guide to fire safety

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A home buyer’s guide to fire safety

Aren’t homes supposed to be the safest place on earth? A place where we get to relax? But have you thought about what would happen if external factors ruin your home. What if due to sheer negligence there is a fire at your place? Worry not, here is your safety manual that will help you deal with such incidents.

  1.  One of the easiest ways to detect such a situation would be through a smoke alarm. Install one in your house and simply link the tracker to your phone. So every time a waft of smoke goes up, you are signalled to curtail the situation
  2. . Most of the time an apartment or a house catches fire due to short circuit. So it’s best to get the electrical sockets and switchboards inspected regularly
  3.  Have a handy fire safety equipment like a fire extinguisher at home. Ensure it has been placed at a corner that can be reached both by kids and adults so that in case of any mishaps everyone could access it. Remember to replace or service the equipment regularly
  4. Create a designated gathering point in your apartment. It is really important to have a space where members of the family could be safe and wait while professionals help you escape to deal with the situation
  5.  It is really essential to know the layout of the property or the project really well in order to prepare your escape route. Never use the elevator if a fire has broken out. Take the stairs to get out
  6.  If you are trapped in a situation and cannot get out then shut all the doors and cover all the gaps of the door frame by placing clothes. This will keep the smoke out and will help you breathe better
  7.  Keep burners and LPG stoves on a raised non-combustible platforms. Stay away from the kitchen if the LPG cylinder is leaking
  8. Store flammable liquids far away from the ignition sources and keep them in cool, ventilated areas
  9. Whatever burns, never returns. So do not re-enter a property that has caught fire
  10. Evacuate the area immediately and raise an alarm. Call for help and offer more details so that the authorities can help immediately




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