Buy A Home Insurance To Shield Your Home Against Loss Or Damage

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Buy A Home Insurance To Shield Your Home Against Loss Or Damage

There is no place like a home, a place where you share happiness, sorrow, excitement and agony with your loved ones.

You spent every bit of hard earn money on building the wall of it to assure a safe and secure accommodation for your family, but have you ever wondered about uncertainty? It’s a part of life and everyone go through it in some point of life.

The one who prepare for it stands with full strength, but the one who never plan, shattered completely. The loss will never knock the door before you prepare to tackle it; you have to plan it before it clinches your sleep.

How will you prepare for the uncertainty? 

Buying a home insurance is one of the best ways to stand against all odds in the future. It covers content and structure of your home from any unforeseen mis-happenings like, fire, lightening, riot, strike, strike, cyclone, flood and aircraft damages. Additionally, you can also buy earthquake, burglary and theft cover also.

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How will you pick a right insurance for your home?

Out of numerous home insurers in the market, do some general research on company profile and history, check below things:

Premium and cover: comparatively the premium for the home insurance is much lesser then life or health insurance. Pick which suits you best, if you are residing in a flood affected area, better you should take that cover.

Look for settlement ratio: Have a quick look on company’s history of settlement ratio to check the efficiency of claim settlement. What if your claim settlement get delayed when it is needed?

Customer service: check whether the customer support are addressing your query efficiently or they are rude and sales centric junkies. At the time of perils and destruction, how they address your query is what matters the most.

What home insurance do not cover?

  • Loss of depreciation of property
  • Any loss of hard cash
  • Any damages caused by war, or invasion from foreign country
  • Destruction by nuclear war
  • Loss by any electronic device due to excessive running in pressure.

How to get insurance settlement amount?

Every insurer has their own deadline which you have to inform about the loss, it vary from 7 to 20 days before incident took place.  You have to fill a FIR and submit the copy of it to the insurer along with:

  • Investigation report by police
  • Repair estimates by losses
  • Fire brigade assessment report
  • Court summon

Don’t wait for perils to ruin your sleep, prepare yourself early as possible.


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