6 things to keep in mind before getting a false ceiling done

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6 things to keep in mind before getting a false ceiling done

While you are designing your new house or remodeling your old one, there are a few things that you would have in mind like a modular kitchen or a splendid ceiling. While getting a false ceiling might sound easy, there are few things one needs to keep in mind before deciding if you really want one or not. Below are a few things one has to consider before getting a false ceiling done.

Easy installation

Having  POP (Plaster of Paris) all around the house could put you off from getting a ceiling done. So try getting the ceiling done before you move into the new house. If you are remodeling your home and want to add a false ceiling to your existing decor, hire professionals who promise to finish the task in a day or two.

Check the height

Some ceilings require more headroom than others so get the height checked before you actually begin to place suspenders. Be prepared to add or decrease a few inches of height as the POP sheets will take up some room.

Size and design

If you want to build a false ceiling in your living room, check if you want to cover the entire surface or just near the light fittings. Because false ceilings are cited to cost a bit more plan your budget accordingly. As far as designs are concerned, squares and rectangles are most popular however there are several options available in the market that could add a touch of modern Moroccan or traditional Arabic styles to your home.



All false ceilings do need to be whitewashed.  You could be a bit more experimental and use different colors. While shades of white and cream usually give a clean and crisp look, earthy shades like brown and orange make the ceiling look more heavy thus making for a rich cozy environment.


It is not really ease to fix or install fixtures in a suspended ceiling. However you could get a professional to cut out a small portion of the ceiling and it can be mended later. But it is ideal to plan everything well in advance so you do not have to touch the final product.

Maintenance and future repairs

False ceilings usually do not require heavy maintenance. Regular cleaning of the ceiling with a sponge would just do. But if your false ceiling is white, then you might have to dust it very often. There would also come a time when it  could start to look dull and you might have to paint it again.

If you come to a point where you do not like the design or the shape of the ceiling, you won’t actually have to bring the entire thing down. You could just remove or break certain tiles and replace the old ones with new detailed ones and viola you have a new ceiling!


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