3 ways in which fairy lights can add magic to your homes

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3 ways in which fairy lights can add magic to your homes

Fairy lights add a touch of magic wherever they are placed. Small and sparkly they can come in handy for every occasion. They add a touch of ethereal beauty that is unique only to them. And the best part they are quite affordable so don’t have to worry about shelling out a huge amount of money to meet your décor needs.

Here are a few ways in which you can use these fairy light to lighten up your home.


Fairy lights are the perfect fit for the bedroom. They add both glamour and serenity to the room. You can wrap it around your bed’s railing or you can hang it from the canopy of your bed to make it look magical. You can also decorate the headboard of your bed in a number of ways to enhance the look of your bedroom. If you have dressing table in your bedroom, then just run a string of these lights over it and make it more beautiful. You can make simple fairy light chandeliers and hang it in this room to give it a dreamy atmosphere.

Living room

In the living room where you will most probably land up entertaining guests you can use the fairy lights as centre pieces. You can put it in a jar and watch these light work their magic on this ordinary storage vessel. If you have a mirror in your living room you can run the fairy light around it and watch the lights enhance the look of your mirror. You can also use birdcages as a centre piece by inserting fairy lights into them.


If you just want to go with fairy lights you can take up an entire wall and hang them and let that be your masterpiece. You can also create a shape of your desire and wrap these lights around it. This can be the perfect mantel piece. If you are looking for an innovative way to place your photos in the living room, then the wire of the fairy lights is a spot you should consider. You hanging the lights in whatever manner that pleases you, clip the photos on to the wires.


One of the simplest and cheapest ways to enhance the look of your garden is with fairy lights. You can do this by wrapping it around your trees and plants. If you don’t want to wrap then just hang it from the trees.  If you have a balcony and want it to sparkle and shine, then hang a few strings of fairy lights. You can use lanterns filled with these lights to decorate your pathway.


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