14 Feng Shui tips for the staircase

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14 Feng Shui tips for the staircase

Stairways not only act as a link connecting several floors in a house, they also exude a lot of energy and if placed properly, their chi helps create an energy that flows very smoothly throughout the entire house. We bring you a few rules backed by Feng Shui that must be kept in mind while placing a staircase.

1. Your staircase needs to complete along with risers. An open staircase disrupts the flow of chi and might result in misery for residents of the first floor

2. Create a staircase that has either 10, 13, 17 or 22 steps

3. A staircase cannot end at or near a bedroom door. Positive energy may drain away resulting in health or financial problems. Rectify this by placing a mirror on the door that reflects the staircase. Placing a bright light or hanging a crystal between the door and the stair would work as well

4. Ensure that your stairway is lit 24×7 as this stabilizes the flow of energy in the house

5. Shapes of staircases matter as well. While curved ones are cited to be the best, refrain from placing spiral ones. The shape resembles a corkscrew thus boring into the house

6. Try placing your staircase towards the side of the house rather than the middle. Placing a staircase in the middle might cause a rift at home


7. The eastern and southern sections of the house are ideal for stairs. If you want to place stairs along the west or north-western part of the house then stick to placing metals ones. Concrete stairways are ideal for the south-west region

8. Refrain from placing a water element under the staircase. It’s not only hazardous if you have children at home it also spreads negative energy. Try converting it into a sleek storage space or use it as an altar but don’t leave it empty

9. Washrooms under the staircase drain away precious energy so refrain from placing a bathroom there

10. Avoid using bright colours like red to decorate the stairs. Stick to basic shades of white that create more chi

11. While stairs opposite each other create a marvellous illusion, it’s best to avoid this. These stairs tend to create a lot of negative energy that might result in family rifts

12. Placing candles, kitchen stove or fireplaces under the stairways is not recommended

13. Place several mirrors or a wind chime to prevent the rapid flow of chi over the stair

14. If your stairways have sharp or abrupt corners rectify the energy by placing potted plants


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